I lead and coach brands to stand up and position them offline, online and within the web 3.0. I customise unique marketing actions for the metaverse.

Passionate and experienced in luxury, home interiors and designer products, I believe in doing everything I can to grow my clients’ businesses through a personalised approach that is both creative and commercial. My connections within the sector have allowed me to build close relationships, be inspired by the world of design and premium products, and I will show you that there are opportunities beyond this tangible world.

The metaverse offers very interesting business opportunities for brands. I can help make a difference and offer a competitive advantage by promoting the union of the world of design and brands with innovation 3.0, NFTs and within the metaverse. My experience in renowned companies such as Harrods, Philips and Villeroy & Boch has given me skills in managing, directing and executing strategic brand projects in Spain, the UK and Italy. A key focus has been digital, positioning brands, increasing sales, and enhancing the value of the tangible and intangible, both inside and outside the metaverse.

From my beginnings in the world of marketing in the UK, I felt that my personality, with great leadership, commercial and management skills, needed to be complemented with passion, creativity and innovation. Graduated with a master's degree in digital business from ESADE Business School and recently as Chief metaverse Officer with a higher course in metaverse opportunities in the luxury sector, added to my work as a mentor for startups at ESADE, it prompted me to start in the world of consulting, where I connect brands and people.

I believe that the brands that write the future of marketing and business are those that are brave, willing to adapt, and whose orientation is based on dedication, trust, and curiosity. An approach that I share in my work as a consultant and as manager at implementing memorable projects.

One of my personal hobbies, in which I have also been trained, is astronomy, and I enjoy making trips with my telescope to see, recognise and discover new worlds.


As a consultant, I will guide you in the introduction, development, and execution of brand strategy in the physical world, online or within the metaverse. You will also have the power of my partners and external collaborators: PR agencies, communication and social media, technology platforms web 3.0, NFT agencies, programmers, 3D architects, designers and interior designers who will provide personalized and exclusive solutions for your brand, without hidden costs and in the shortest possible time.

  • Strategic sales and marketing consulting -online & offline
  • Commercialisation of physical, digital or virtual products
  • Maximise brand positioning and brand visibility
  • Brand ambassador across all their distribution channels
  • Co-marketing, product placement y brands collaborations / networking
  • Capturing and experimenting with new metaverse generations
  • Launch of new products, presentation and events: physical, online and virtually

Do you want to stand out in the metaverse?