The metaverse provides brands with a new form of relationship that allows the consumer to be part of the product instead of being sold the product. The Metaverse offers an immersive experience, with a new community-driven economy at its core.


NFTs are digital and unique goods that have established a method to convey exclusivity and brand essence. Cryptoart is a new way of collecting art that, thanks to Blockchain technology, allows interior designers, designers and brands to exhibit and sell their work on marketplaces in real time. By holding copyright, artists will also receive royalties from secondary sales of their NFTs. Just as there is only one Da Vinci Gioconda, each NFT is a singular element in itself. And, although it can be copied, the owner has a certificate of authenticity that grants him the rights of acquisition.


The metaverse blurs physical limitations and allows you to create custom digital products and designs that can, in turn, be a source of inspiration for physical designs. This aspect is closely linked to the concept of Phygital, which refers to the idea of transforming the digital into the physical, and which presents new business opportunities for brands in the architecture, home interiors and design products and home decoration sectors.