Christian Lacroix launches NFT collection, blending physical luxury with digital reality

The July 8th drop focuses on handcrafted scarves from the House of Christian Lacroix, available as both digital NFTs and luxury physical goods; the drop is an entry into the House’s exclusive digital club in the metaverse. The ‘Rêves de Soie’ NFT Collection will be a limited series of 700 generative NFTs – a form of generated artwork - which will merge 3D and 2D elements. Each token will be priced at 0.4 ETH (approximately 467 USD at the time of writing) and comes in a unique combination of elements and animations. 

True to its innovative heritage, Christian Lacroix brings a full-on phygital experience, by being the first brand enabling NFT holders to redeem the physical product represented in their NFTs for free. It is in essence a made-to-order program for Web3 clients. Furthermore, each NFT will also come with a generative soundtrack, making each token even more unique through a combination of visual and audio traits. 

Furthermore, NFT holders will be granted access to the Maison Christian Lacroix Penthouse in the metaverse, where workshops on a variety of subjects will be hosted exclusively for the community.