Burberry launches virtual bags on Roblox

Taking inspiration from the brand’s Lola bag and Burberry’s “long-standing affinity for nature and the outdoors”, the exclusive limited-edition virtual Lola range is comprised of five unique handbags in experimental designs. Community members can dress their avatars with the handbags on Roblox “as they explore the platform’s millions of user-generated worlds, encouraging self-expression and discovery”.

As part of the collaboration, each handbag is accompanied by an exclusive “emote”, a unique action that avatars can perform on Roblox, available to users for free for a limited time. Christina Wootton, VP of global partnerships, Roblox, added: “For our global community of over 50 million daily active users, self-expression through digital fashion and personalisation of avatars is an important part of their day-to-day experience on the platform.”