Interior design and metaverse

Learn about the challenges and opportunities offered by the metaverse in the industrial and professional environment of interior design at this event organised by COSENTINO in collaboration with the Design Institute of Spain (DIOS) on June 20, 2022 at Cosentino City Barcelona at 6:00 p.m. 7:30 a.m.

In the midst of the era of the creative economy, the metaverse rises as an ocean of opportunities for companies in the field of interior design. In the new "three-dimensional internet" the existing reality is extended into a virtual environment that we are beginning to shape. Reality and fiction coexist to model experiences never before possible and discover new registers in emotions, perceptions and interactions between the human being, spaces, objects and the brand.

The event will consist of a presentation and an open Q&A debate with guests and networking.


Isabel Martínez-Cosentino - Manager of Cosentino City Barcelona


David Millon

Chief Metaverse Officer 

Strategic consultant for design and luxury brands in the Metaverse. David Millón offers an essential value for any brand with its sights set on the digital and virtual world 3.0 and with a broad vision of business opportunities within the Metaverse

Montse Guardia Güell

Co-founder & CEO at Big Onion; co-founder Fundación ELLIS Alicante; President of the Board of Trustees of the UPC

José María Blanco Navarro

Manager of the Intelligence and Prospective Office of PROSEGUR, and head of Prosegur Research.

Eduard Garcia


The first news portal of the Metaverse in Spanish speaking..


Juan Mellen, president of the Spanish Institute of Design (D!OS)